Customized Design Plans

Refresh your Furniture

Establishing a customized design plan allows me to understand the scope of each project, and to outline each step of the process from furniture function, color selection, paint effects, and other design elements that encompass the project.
This approach will allow me to elevate the design details in your piece with a custom finish that reflects your home’s personality and style. 

Complete the Room 

Sometimes refreshing your furniture means changing the color or even changing the function of the piece. This can change the personality and in some cases, the visual balance of the room. 
For instance, I have restyled plain cabinets into media centers and dry bars that have become the new focal points in the room. 
Let me define ways to complete your room’s new look with a Customized Design Plan. 
This often involves:
– Moving furniture
– Regrouping / restyling art + accessories
– Updating wall color
– Sourcing new art + accessories