Furniture Painting & Restyling

Furniture Painting & Restyling Consultant

Are you in the process of re-decorating your home or just one room? Do you have good quality or vintage furniture that just needs to restyled with a custom designed painted finish? Restyled furniture can add personality and character to your room, which can often be lacking in its present finish.

Here are some restyling ideas to consider:

  • What is your design or style? Farmhouse, Modern Vintage, Industrial, Coastal, or French Country.
  • Functionality and use. Re-purposing the old into the new.
  • Color selection and artistic finishes
  • Environmentally friendly products.

My painted finishes are versatile using multiple layers of paint to achieve a rustic or distressed look with a modern twist. Each piece is hand-painted and sealed with a soft wax finished for durability.

Plus, think about this. Furniture restyling is fast. Pick your color and finish, and it’s done. Restyle what you already have, and the money you will save can pay for new window treatments or a rug to complete the new look.

The next step is getting acquainted with the piece to truly bring out the beauty and details during the transformation process. Let it act as artwork evolving into a masterpiece one-of-a-kind look.

If you need help with custom sourcing a specific item, email or call me with any questions, as I am always searching for new pieces to refinish.

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