Furniture Re-purposing throughout Western MA and Northern CT

Details matter and decorative accessories are an easy way to refresh any room. Whether you want to re-purpose a vintage piece or you found something new you just want to change the color of, accessorizing is a great way to improve the look of your space.

I specialize in taking a unique piece that you may not envision every fitting in your home and restoring it into something you love.


Pamper up your powder room with an easy design improvement. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer looking to make your new home exactly what you envisioned or your bathroom is just in need of a refresh, restoring the vanity or adding in a few unique pieces is one way to make the room feel new.

With a little planning and some design inspiration, you can easily turn your bathroom into the retreat of your dreams. If you’re looking for spa-like paint colors or a bold color scheme, a vanity restoration may be all you need. If you’re looking to completely transform the space, vanity restoration and upcycling some of your favorites pieces should do the trick. If you have a vision, but aren’t sure what you need, I provide consultative services that may save you thousands over a traditional remodel and are customized to you. We’ll discuss color selection, finishes, vanity fixtures and more to give you the look you’re hoping for.


If you’re someone who still has beautiful vintage furniture, but isn’t sure it goes with the look you’re trying to achieve; restyling your bedroom furniture is an easy fix. I specialize in furniture restyling consulting and can help bring the character back into your bedroom.

There are many different styles to consider, but my hand-painted finishes are versatile and sealed with a soft wax finish for durability. Save money on completely restoring a room and start with repurposing your furniture – pick a color and style you like, get some new hardware, rearrange the room and voila! You will find you saved a lot of money restyling what you had and be able to get that rug or wall decor you’ve been eyeing.


After various years and some wear and tear, cabinets start to look run down, but often times are still very structurally sound. A cabinet refresh is just what you need to breathe new life into your furniture and completely transform the look of your room.

A restyle includes adding multiple layers of paint to achieve a patina finish and feel to the piece of furniture. We then paint the color of your choosing, distress and lastly covered in a soft wax to ensure durability. This is an easy way to save your current cabinets and possibly your countertops, backsplash, appliances and flooring.


Whether you’re looking to transform your current furniture into a kid friendly item or you’re looking to repurpose a baby nursery into a three-year-olds room, restyling children’s furniture is the perfect way to get more out of your piece. From fun colors to adding names and or graphics, salvage a crib or rocking chair by restoring them as your child ages.

Choose your look, pick a color and transform a room with ease. Add some new art, a new rug, fun toys and you’re good to go!


The dining room is a special place in a home where families come together to enjoy each other’s company and create new memories. Many times dining room furniture is passed down from family which makes it very sentimental. Instead of finding the courage to part with an older piece of furniture, why not refresh it? Take those older pieces and give them a refinished look to keep them for generations to come!


A table and chairs restyle is a small way to have a big impact on a room. When you re-purpose a table or chairs, you’re not only salvaging items that may have no longer went with your overall look, but it’s also a great way to play around with color combinations and styles.

Tables and chairs are the perfect platforms to bring an accent color into a room or choose to add in something unique with different colors for the tabletop and legs. Additionally re-purposing your furniture is an easy solution if you’re trying to sell items that are still very structurally sound, but just don’t fit with your space anymore or you can’t take with you on a move.


A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, so it’s a no brainer you’ll want to keep the style up-to-date with the look of your room. Instead of a complete reconstruction, repurposing your walls or area around the fireplace is a way to revamp your look and keep up with the changing styles. I start with assessing the condition then assist in picking out a new color that fits with your vision. Sometimes natural brick looks too heavy, so whitewashing walls or fireplaces is an easy way to brighten up a room and bring out the texture of the brick underneath.